Pitta Massage Oil


Great For Pitta Dosha Imbalances

  • Helps with blotchy redness skin;
  • Aids skin sensitivity;
  • Prevents and combats acne;

The Sanskrit word Pitta translates as a combination of the two elements fire and water. When these elements are out of balance in the body, the imbalance manifests on the skin as sensitivity, blotchy redness, and dry patches. Eczema or acne may also develop. Pitta Massage oil is made to nourish and soothe sensitive skin while bringing Pitta dosha back into its natural state of balance.


Slightly warm about a half-cup of the oil in a small pan. Place a dime-size amount in the hand and massage onto the body, beginning with the scalp. Slowly work your way down the body, one area at a time until you reach the soles of the feet. Let the oil sit for at least a half hour before showering. This oil can be left on indefinitely, though it is recommended to wear old clothing after application, as the oil can eventually stretch out and stain the clothing. It is best when left on before bed to fully absorb into the body.


Organic Sunflower Oil, Brahmi, Neem, Shatawari, Guduchi, Manjistha, Licorice, Sandalwood oil.

non gmo testedmade in usamoney back

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