Quality Control

In a world that is becoming increasingly hostile to human health, there has never been a greater demand for products that take a natural, holistic approach to wellness, an approach that is designed around the interdependence of the bodys various systems. Vadik Herbs products perfectly meet this growing worldwide need by marrying time honored wisdom with cutting edge technology. By placing in your hands the finest quality herbs and nutritional supplements, Vadik Herbs gives you the tools you need to take charge of your health and to look and feel your best.

At Vadik Herbs, uncompromising quality is not an option – it is an obligation. Quality begins in the fields, where only the finest herbs and raw materials are selected. The companys global sourcing of raw materials ensures that the highest quality products are chosen from each harvest season. We are one of the select Ayurvedic companies in the country that maintains 2 full time offices in India. That allows us the ability to select from the pick of the crop for each herb, and not inferior left over stock that is made available to others.

After sourcing, harvesting, and cleaning, these materials are shipped to the 7,000 sq. ft. Vadik Herbs manufacturing facility in Berkeley, CA.

By maintaining this intense level of quality control and developing new methods and techniques to ensure top product quality, Vadik Herbs perpetuates its long-standing position at the forefront of the industry. The natural result is a large and growing family of customers- men and women throughout the world who wouldn’t think of buying any other brand than Vadik Herbs.



As a company, Vadik Herbs takes enormous pride in the quality of the products we offer. Indeed, quality is the first part of the Vadik Herbs creed–Quality, Service, and Integrity. In order to produce high quality products, we start with the finest raw materials available. All our Ayurvedic herbs are cultivated from natural sources. They are grown in their natural environments so as to insure the utmost potency and authenticity of the plants. Therefore, all our herbs are either wild crafted (grown wild, not on farms) or certified organic (cultivated on farms). We do random testing on batches to ensure the products maintain a certain level of quality control.


Heavy Metal testing

Due to our relationships with the same suppliers for the past 25 years, our trust and understanding ensures we import the quality of products that we can sell. The testing procedures used are based on the World Health Organization standards of testing for heavy metals. Each heavy metal test includes testing for LEAD, MERCURY, ARSENIC, and CADMIUM.