Vadik Herbs was founded in 1971 when Ayurveda and Ayurvedic products were non existent in the United States. Since that time, Vadik Herbs has been become the largest, most trusted, importer and manufacturer of Ayurvedic products in the U.S. 
Quality sourcing of our products separates Vadik Herbs from anyone else.
With full time offices in Delhi and Mumbai, India, we are able to source ingredients throughout the year at their most peak, and potent times. 
We are not a middle man but follow the process from start to finish. 
Our offices in India are directly in touch with farmers and their families. We are sourcing straight from the fields to ensure the quality of our herbs and herbal products are as fresh and potent as possible. 
With our largest production facility to date in Fremont, California, we are in an ideal situation to provide our customers exactly what they require.
Along with quality of product, we ensure the safety of our products as well. Our herbs are safety tested for: LEAD, MERCURY, ARSENIC, CADMIUM, E-COLI & SALMONELLA.
Quality and safety of our products is not an option. We pride ourselves on not only being the pioneers in this industry but leading the way towards being organic, having safe products, and all-natural ingredients.