Male Rejuv


Great For Issues Related To Infertility 

  • Enhance quality of sperms;
  • Boosts up the energy;
  • Reduces stress and anxiety;

Male Rejuv is an herbal solution for addressing infertility problems in men. It improves the reproductive health of males. Among 15% of couples facing infertility problems, the issue pertains to not only females but the male reproductive system is usually malfunctioning. Many reasons like low sperm production, blockage which prevents the delivery of sperms or abnormal sperms production, cause male infertility problems. In some of the male cases, sperm count is as per requirement but that sperm are not capable of getting female egg fertile. Male Rejuv product is not only for increasing sperm count but for also enhancing the quality of sperms. It also addresses other common reproductive and sexual problems like energy and stamina for improving the quality of sexual life. Energy and stamina are a major problem in men. The active ingredients of this mixture like Pistachio, Cardamom, Moosli, Ginger, Kamla, and Shatavari boosts up the energy and reduce stress and anxiety.  


Ashwagandha (withania somnifera), Kamla (Mallotus phillippinensis), Pistacheo (pistacia terbinthus), Cardamom (ellattaria cardmomum), Nutmeg (myrystica fragrans), Saffron (crocus sativus), cinnamum iners, Shatavari (asparagus racemosus), Moosli (chlorophytum arundinaceum), paeonia emodi, Indian Long pepper (piper longum), Ginger (zingiber officinale).

Contains no artificial ingredients, fillers, or binders. Packed in pure vegetarian capsules. Gluten-free.

non gmo testedmade in usamoney back

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Allicia Holems

I really like how Male Rejuv makes me feel better in terms of reproduction and stamina. I feel more powerful and my vitality has skyrocketed. It's great!

lan F

This tonic really helps me with my reproductive problems. I have been using it for a long time and I am happy with the results.

Bryan F

Male Rejuv really helps me to feel better with reproductive issues and stamina. I can enjoy my sex life more.


This product really makes me feel more comfortable with reproductive issues and stamina. I haven't used it long but I feel healthier.

C Kelly

Male Rejuv is the solution for me who has problems with sperm quality and stamina. I feel fitter and my vitality has shot up. Highly recommended!