Pitta daily routine

A regular daily routine is the best kept secret of the ages. By adopting a regular daily routine much of the niggling discomforts caused by Pitta imbalance are spontaneously addressed.
A regular daily routine is like health insurance for sustainable wellbeing today, tomorrow and into your future. As the Ayurvedic wisdom guides “Your body today is the result of your choices yesterday and your body tomorrow will be the result of your choices today”.

  • Choose to establish a regular daily routine as the framework for daily activities.
  • To get started, tick off what you are already doing, and then consider what you would like to add to your daily routine.
  • The items in green are the most important balancing choices to adopt for you. Adopt changes easily, one step at a time.



  • Arise early in the morning by sunrise
  • Evacuate bowel and bladder
  • Clean teeth and scrape tounge.
  • First fluids: Mix the juice of 1 lime with a glass of lukewarm water or have a cup of Pitta tea
  • Apply Pitta Massage Oil to the full body then bathe or shower – Self Massage instructions
  • Quiet Time
  • Stretching or yoga postures for 10-15 minutes
  • Meditation (TM New Zealand or TM Australia)
  • Break the fast overnight with a hearty breakfast suited to your hunger level. Favour Pitta pacifying foods .
  • Engage in work or study



  • Lunch is a must have for you. Put a regular lunch time in your diary as an appointment and stick to it. You will feel better for doing so.
  • Eat lunch with full attention without reading, working, driving, talking on the phone etc.
  • Favour Pitta balancing foods – sip Pitta tea and sprinkle Pitta Seasonal Spice Mixture over savoury foods
  • Sit quietly for 5-10 minutes following lunch. Then take a 10 minute stroll to aid digestion.
  • If you have a tendency for soft or loose bowel motions take Aci Balance 1-2 tablets after breakfast, lunch and dinner meals.
  • Work or study:- This is a great time for you to exercise. Exercising after work provides an effective transition from work to home life and can help to release the feisty energy that can arise when life is driven and intense.
  • Quiet Time –Meditation (TM New Zealand or TM Australia)



  • Have your evening meal by 6.30 – 7pm. Use it as a time to connect with loved ones and friends to support social wellbeing.
  • Avoid mental stimulation after 8pm and calm the mind well before you go to bed. Relax with a good book, play a musical instrument etc, or share time with loved ones and friends after the evening meal.
  • Be in bed by 10pm light out for a good night sleep.
  • Keep the bedroom as a sleep zone. No computers, phones, tablets, books etc.
  • Use natural fibres to help keep your body temperature comfortable.