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Bala massage oil is made by infusing the extract of the Bala plant (Sida cordifolia) into a carrier oil, such as sesame oil or coconut oil. Bala, also known as country mallow or heartleaf moonseed, is a herb traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine, and its oil offers several potential benefits when used for massages:

Muscle Strength and Growth: Bala massage oil is often used to promote muscle strength and growth. It can be beneficial for individuals looking to enhance their physical strength and muscle mass.

Muscle Relaxation: Massaging with Bala oil can help relax tense muscles, making it suitable for relieving muscle stiffness and soreness, especially after strenuous physical activity.

Joint Health: The oil can be applied to joints to support joint health. It may improve joint flexibility and reduce inflammation, making it useful for individuals with joint discomfort or arthritis.

Pain Relief: Bala oil has analgesic properties that can provide relief from various types of pain, including muscle aches, joint pain, and headaches.

Anti-inflammatory: Bala contains compounds with anti-inflammatory properties, which can help reduce inflammation in the body when applied topically.

Stress Reduction: The act of receiving a massage itself can promote relaxation and stress reduction. Bala oil may enhance this effect, making it suitable for relaxation massages.

Improved Blood Circulation: Massage with Bala oil can enhance blood circulation, potentially benefiting overall health and vitality.

Nervous System Support: Bala is believed to support the nervous system, which can lead to improved neurological health and function.

Hormonal Balance: Some traditional uses of Bala suggest it may help balance hormones. Massaging with Bala oil may support hormonal health in some individuals.

Skin Health: Bala massage oil can moisturize and nourish the skin, potentially improving skin health and reducing dryness.

Ayurvedic Tradition: Bala massage oil aligns with Ayurvedic principles, which emphasize the importance of balance in the body and mind for overall well-being.


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Customer Reviews

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Lincoln Richardson

For me, who has joint stiffness problems, this Bala oil really helps me. After the massage, I feel much softer. The smell is a bit strong but it's okay, the important thing is that the body feels more comfortable.


I often use this Bala oil for massage, it feels very good. My muscles became softer and less tense. The smell is a bit strong but it's okay because the results are very good.

Harrison Lewis

This Bala massage oil really helps me relax. When work is stressful, I ask my husband to massage me this way, I immediately feel more comfortable. Pleasant smell and truly relaxing effect.

michelle ryan

Bala oil is great for body massage. When I play soccer, my body often hurts. But when I massaged my body with this, I immediately felt relief. It smells good and doesn't make me dizzy.

Liam Howard

I just tried using Bala oil to massage my body and my body felt really relaxed as a result. After working out, my muscles are often tense. But after using this massage, I feel really good. I didn't realize that the oil alone could make me feel better!