Nasya Oil (Udana Vata):

Nasya is one of the most powerful treatments in Ayurveda. It involves the therapeutic application of medicines via the nostrils which work directly on the entire head region. Nasya is immensely beneficial for improving mental functions such as memory, retention and concentration. Besides this it is used to treat all ‘diseases above the neck’ thus eye, ear, nasal, oral, brain and other related disorders can all be treated with Nasya.

Used for allergies, colds, sinus problems, neck stiffness.

Ingredients: Bala, Ajwan seeds, Organic Sesame Seed Oil.

Directions: Place 1-2 drops in the nostrils early morning and late afternoon.

Jatamansi Oil:

Jatamansi, one of the most cherished herbs in Ayurveda, is now available in oil form. Our Jatamansi Oil formula uses key Ayurvedic herbs that allow you to use our Jatamansi Oil as a body massage oil as well as a hair oil.

In a base of Sesame seed oil, when the Jatamansi Oil is used for body massage, it will be one of the most calming, relaxing, and therapeutic oils available. Jatamansi along with Brahmi offer a feeling of comfort incomparable to any other oil.

After a complete body massage, dip your fingertips into the oil and gently massage your temples and forehead with the oil (especially before going to bed). Jatamansi herb has an effect on the mind and nervous system like no other Ayurvedic herb and will help promote a sound, blissful sleep! A little bit goes a long way so use sparingly and enjoy the outstanding benefits of our Jatamansi Oil!

Ingredients: Sesame seed oil, Jatamansi, Bringraj, Brahmi, Rose buds & petals

Sinus Aid:

An herbal expectorant; Improves the fluidity of mucous in the respiratory system; No artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.

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