Ashwagandha Bala

This vata-pacifying oil can be used to nourish and strengthen the muscles. Useful for athletes and those weakened by debility due to old age or illness. Literally meaning «strength,» bala builds muscle mass and provides energy while Ashwagandha gives strength and stamina.

Mahanarayan Oil

This is the original oil that you will find in India…not a local U.S. made version. It contains ingredients that are only available in India and is made in the traditional Indian oil process that takes 5-6 months of preparation & curing before the oil can be used.


One of the most cherished herbs in Ayurveda, is now available in oil form. Our Jatamansi Oil formula uses key Ayurvedic herbs that allow you to use our Jatamansi Oil as a body massage oil as well as a hair oil.

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