Kumari Asava Tonic Drink (10 oz.)

Great for Mind & Body Harmony. Helps with Stress.

  • Nourishing tonic for women
  • Eases monthly blood loss
  • Rejuvenates female organs
  • Completely natural and Ayurvedic
  • Asava & Arishta

Aloe Vera Revitalizer for Women. According to Ayurvedic healing system, a great deal of a woman’s stresses, tensions, and negative emotions, combined with dietary, genetic and lifestyle factors may invite disturbance of her reproductive system such as menstrual irregularities and infertility. By the regular use of Kumari Asava, the body, mind and senses become youthful and evergreen. Prolonged usage results in personal evolutionary gains. Tended carefully over time to release the water and alcohol – soluble properties of the herbs.

Aloe vera, ashoka, honey, iron powder, piper longum, cinnamomum casia, cinnamom tamala, elettari cardomomum, mesua ferrea, plumbago zeylanica, piper longam, embelia ribes, saindapus officinalis, piper chaba, juniperus communis, coriandrum sativum, picrohiza kurroa, cyperus scariosus, terminalia chebula, terminalia belerica, emblica officinalis, vandas roxburghii, cedrus deodora, , 1 – 2% self generated alcohol.


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