Foods create moods. And foods that infuse your body with bliss have a high level of prana (life force) to begin with. High-prana foods include fresh, organic fruits and vegetables such as summer squashes, fresh milk products such as panir and lassi, and whole grains such as rice, quinoa, amaranth, and barley. Some high-mood foods to favor are soaked walnuts and almonds, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, and almond butter.

"Foods that produce irritability and fatigue are packaged, frozen and canned foods; leftovers; fermented foods such as alcohol; and sour foods such as vinegar, which is found in ketchup, mustard and pickles. Unintelligent, dead foods clog the channels between mind and heart. High-prana foods, on the other hand, clear the channels, keeping the mind, heart and soul more connected.