It's not new that everyone is scared with these times of Covid-19. The search for new healthy practices is increasing day by day. What have you tried so far? Have you heard about Ayurvedic Herbs yet? This treatment can be fundamental in disease prevention and immunity. Sounds interesting? Keep reading below to learn everything about it. 

Ayurveda focuses on creating and maintaining amind and body connection. As soon as you start to understand your body and how your brain works you will be able to improve your habits, possibly adopt new practices, and ultimately see a huge difference in your health andwellness. Now, you may be asking yourself, how do I get started?

First, to understand the Ayurvedic Treatment, you need to be familiar with the term in which it is centered around:doshas.  Doshas are the three bio-elements of your body:  vata,  pitta and  kapha. To learn about the details of each, click through the links and take a look.  Now you’re ready to learn about the Ayurvedic Treatment itself, which embraces daily practices that will help keep your  doshas in a balanced state.

Here are a few steps that you can take to improve your doshas. I hope you feel better after implementing this into your routine.

Taking care of your Vata:

in your diet, try to includewarm, moist foods such as cooked grains and cereals, oatmeal or a cup of steaming vegetable soup. Warm milk is another good option. To maximize the effects, avoid eating candies and unnecessary sugars as it disturbs vata. Now in regards to your schedule, establish a  regular daily routine as the framework for your daily activities.

Taking care of your Pitta:

Maintaining avegetarian diet is crucial for this dosha. Consume an abundant amount of milk, grains and vegetables rather than meat. In fact, consuming red meat tends to store more fat in the body.  Avoid processed and fast foods as they tend to be extremely salty. Japanese food is a good choice.  Avoid highly spicy foods like those that are common to Mexican cuisine. A great tip for improving your Pitta is sitting quietly for 5-10 minutes following lunch. Then take a 10 minute stroll to aid digestion. 

Taking care of your Kapha:

Watch out for the consumption of too many sweet and fatty foods. Keep an eye on the high salt content, which tends to result influid retention. For optimal results with any healthy lifestyle change, try having your evening meal by 6.30-7pm to allow time to digest before bed. Use dinner, or any meal for that matter, as a time to connect with loved ones to support yoursocial wellbeing.

Now it's time to put it all into practice. Who feels excited and wants to start the Ayurvedic Treatment and prevention right now? Covid-19 is VERY REAL and we should make a great effort to be on top of our game to reduce the chances of getting sick. If you feel like you already know a lot and want to dig deeper into the doshas diet, here are some products from our Ayurvedic Treatment that can help you out:  chywanprash,  immunity health pack,  ashwagandha ghee.