Tikta Ghrita (Bitter ghee) (7oz)


Tikta ghrita, also known as bitter ghee, is a specialized Ayurvedic preparation that combines ghee (clarified butter) with bitter herbs. Bitter herbs are known for their unique properties in Ayurveda, and when combined with ghee, tikta ghrita is believed to offer various potential health benefits. Here are some of the potential benefits of tikta ghrita:

Digestive Health: Bitter herbs are known to stimulate digestive fire (agni) in Ayurveda. Tikta ghrita can enhance digestion, improve appetite, and alleviate symptoms of indigestion, such as bloating and gas.

Detoxification: The bitterness of the herbs in tikta ghrita is believed to have detoxifying properties. It may help in the elimination of toxins from the body and support liver health.

Skin Disorders: Tikta ghrita is sometimes used topically to treat various skin disorders, including psoriasis, eczema, and rashes. It is believed to have a soothing and healing effect on the skin.

Blood Purification: Bitter herbs in tikta ghrita may assist in purifying the blood, which can have a positive impact on overall health.

Anti-Inflammatory: Bitter herbs often have anti-inflammatory properties. Tikta ghrita may help reduce inflammation in the body, making it beneficial for conditions such as arthritis.

Balancing Pitta Dosha: In Ayurveda, tikta ghrita is considered beneficial for balancing excess Pitta dosha, which is associated with heat, inflammation, and digestive issues. It can help cool and soothe the body.

Immune Support: The combination of ghee and bitter herbs may provide immune-boosting properties, helping the body defend against infections and illnesses.

Stress Reduction: Some individuals use tikta ghrita as part of their stress management regimen. The calming properties of ghee, along with the balancing effects of bitter herbs, may promote mental and emotional well-being.

Respiratory Health: Tikta ghrita may be used to alleviate respiratory conditions, such as asthma or allergies, due to its potential anti-inflammatory and soothing properties.

Hormonal Balance: In some cases, tikta ghrita is used to support hormonal balance, especially in women's health.


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Customer Reviews

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Layla Long

It's a great solution to my digestive problems. I feel stronger and lighter

Lily Newman

This tikta ghrita helps me sleep better at night. I feel more rested in the morning

Ari Berry

This tikta ghrita helps reduce inflammation in my body. I feel better every day

Sloane Jackson

It is an essential part of taking care of my health. It's like cleaning the body from the inside.

Kailani R.

This tikta ghrita helped me overcome a chronic skin problem that I had for a long time. My skin is much better now