Ashoka bark (Saraca indica)


As an effective uterine tonic, Ashoka is hard to beat. It tones the uterus, easing heavy menstrual flow and relieving discomfort. The bark of the Ashoka tree is rich in flavonoids, tannins and glycosides that work as a uterine sedative that has a direct impact on the fibres present in the muscles of the uterus.

The bark also contains natural phytoestrogens which help to regulate the menstrual cycle, stimulating the uterus to normalise menstrual flow.
Ashoka can be effectively used to aid with a number of uncomfortable menstrual disorders such as; Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS), Amenorrhea (absent periods), Dysmenorrhea (painful periods) and Menorrhagia (heavy and prolonged menstrual bleeding).

The hormonal balance that is promoted by this herb makes it effective against many menopause symptoms including; hot flushes, night sweats, sleep problems, mood swings and weight gain.

Ashoka is considered particularly effective for female infertility and endometriosis. One study, published in "Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice", identified Ashoka as one of the herbal remedies used by traditional healers in remote areas of India to successfully treat “reproductive disorders”.

An article published in the "Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research", explored some of the infertility treatments popular amongst Indian women. It said, “The drug of choice for female infertility is Ashoka, by its astringent taste and cold potency, it strengthens the uterus. It stops the bleeding by contracting the uterine blood vessels and promoting uterine muscular contraction. It stimulates the uterine function by stimulating the (endometrium) and the ovarian functions”.


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