COVID19 Health Tip: STAY WARM!

No doubt that there’s much concern right now around the spread of COVID-19 and what we can do personally to protect ourselves from possible infection.

In a study done by Niigata University, Japanese immunologist Dr. Toru Abo discovered that elevated internal body temperatures increase the activity of immune-function cells.

More specifically, Dr. Abo’s research determined that the immune system is strengthened by 500% when body temperature increases just 1.8℉ (1℃), whereas it weakened by 35% when body temperature drops this same amount.

1. Avoid drinking iced beverages. Opt for drinking hot teas or room temperature water to keep the gut warm.

2. Set the AC to no lower than 72℉. Too much and long exposure to cold air can drop the body’s internal core temperature, thereby compromising the immune system.

3. Use hot packs on your abdomen often. Keeping your gut warm is the key to activating immune-function cells and good gut bacteria growth.

4. Move your body once every hour. Staying still makes your blood and energy stagnate, which causes a drop in internal body temperature.

5. Keep your back and spine warm. Warm muscles along your spine promoteS circulation of blood and energy that can boost your immune system function.