Expectations and new plans are always part of this time of the year. It is incredible how we are encouraged to do new projects and set new goals when December 31st approaches. Renovation is in fact fundamental for the improvement of the quality of life and well being. Also the understanding of what is happening at the present moment is also very important when designing a new route for your life. And that's what we want to talk about in this blogpost. How Ayurvedic medicine and self-knowledge can help you turn the year. Keep reading!

What is working and what is not?

As we said before, the first step is to understand what is happening right now. This self-reflection can generate several insights that will be very useful when planning for the new year. Take note of what is flowing very well in your life. All good points. They can be:

  • Professional life;
  • Affective relationships;
  • Finances;
  • Etc...

In a second step, analyze what you believe is not in perfect harmony. What bothers you every time you lay your head on the pillow. These are the main points that you will have to work hard the following year to feel better and more relaxed. Again, these negative aspects can be anything, like:

  • Being more restricted on what you eat;
  • Do not waste so much time procrastinating;
  • Avoid unnecessary expenses;
  • Etc…

Ayurvedic Medicine

This process of self-knowledge and the search for mental balance is precisely the purpose of Ayurvedic medicine. Through a holistic approach to the problems and diseases that the human being faces, Ayurveda tries to reestablish the connection between body and mind, causing the symptoms to be softened or even extinguished. The process used is the same as we did above. First, an interior analysis to look for the real cause and only then, a solution is adopted.

It is true that nowadays everyone is busy and does not have time to stop and make a deep inspection of the problems and traumas that are leading to stress and lack of quality of life. However, it is extremely necessary to understand at some point what is happening so that it does not become chronic, affecting even more the day-to-day.

In addition to this holistic and different look from traditional medicine, Ayurveda believes in the treatment through herbs, daily practices and diets to solve problems. This is the case with meditation, yoga and cooking, for example.

Also it’s very important to identify your personality and psychological aspects, which in Ayurveda are called doshas. There are 3 types of them:

You can learn more about each one of them by clicking on the links above. It is essential that you identify your dosha, as some characteristics are very specific and the measures to smooth the imbalances are also different.

If you are having your first contact with Ayurveda, try a new approach to your old problems. Instead of looking for quick solutions, try a natural and organic treatment. We have several options that can help you: