Ayurvedic massage? What is it and why is it different from the regular massages? Well, these are questions that you may be asking yourself right now. But don’t worry. We are going to answer all of them and probably encourage you to try it tomorrow. Keep reading and we tell you!

Difference from the regular Swedish massage

What makes the ayurvedic massage unique is the heavy use of essential oils. Focused on the dosha type of each individual, the herbal oils work amazingly to relieve pain, relax and so much more. If you don’t know what dosha means, read these other contents here (pitta, kapha, vata) that will help you out to understand and find yours. 

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Selecting The Right Oil

So, based on your body type, dosha, the practitioner will select an oil that meets the demands of your skin, hair, muscle structure, personality, etc. This will make sure that not only you will feel relaxed and distressed but also that the oils will nourish your skin and scalp properly. Some people have oily skin, for example, some others have dry skin, and just really understanding the dosha type of each individual will grant the right experience for them.

Some spas, ayurvedic centers or practitioners use a questionnaire which helps them to identify your dosha type. The questions in it are usually related to features of your body and personality, like if you prefer working at night while the others sleep or if you are a morning person. If you enjoy outside activities or indoor ones, things like that. This will point the massage to the right direction making you feel rejuvenated at the end.

Energy vs Physiology and Anatomy 

Another great point that distinguishes the ayurvedic massage is the focus on energy. It aims to clean your energy channels, moving and dislodging toxins and balancing your chakras(energy centers). 

With other types of massage, usually the focus is in the muscle structure and pain relief. In the ayurvedic massage, however, physiology and anatomy give place to energy balance.

Ayurvedic Oils For You

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