Guduchi, Giloy stem (Tinospora cordifolia)


Modern science has identified many active herbal ingredients of Guduchi that are partly responsible for the plant’s multitude of health benefits. Among other important constituents, included are alkaloids, glycosides and lactones. These active compounds, say researchers, have the ability to regulate the immune system and physiological functions of different types, thereby demonstrating the amazing versatility of Guduchi. 

Researchers reporting in the National Institutes of Health have noted that the pharmacological actions attributed to Guduchi in Ayurvedic texts have been validated by a remarkable body of modern evidence, which suggests that this biochemical-rich plant has immense potential in modern healing modalities. The preponderance of stress-related health issues, nutrient- deficient diets, and insufficient rest that we experience today makes this ancient herb more than relevant in our era.

Some of the common uses for Guduchi include: Ability to balance blood sugar, relieve fever and spams, fight inflammation, promote joint health, calm allergic reactions, reduce stress, protect the kidneys, and support the immune system.


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