Sinus Aid


• Provides nutritive support for healthy sinuses*


Product Description

Supports respiratory health and sinus cleansing *

• Provides nutritive support for healthy sinuses*
• Gives relief from allergies & hay fever symptoms*
• Historically used as a decongestant and natural antihistamine*
• Helps flush out mucus from the nose and bronchial tubes*
• Balancing for all doshas


Black pepper(Piper nigrum), Caraway (carum copticum), ipomoea turpethum, Musta (cyperus rotundus), Indian Long pepper (piper longum), Ginger (zingiber officinale), Tulsi (ocimum sanctum), Sitopladi churna blend, root of piper longum, Bringraj (eclipta alba).

Contains no artificial ingredients, fillers, or binders. Packed in pure vegetarian capsules. Gluten-free.