Indian herbal drinks are prepared mainly by fermentation of medicinal herbs. Treatment is suggested for a variety of conditions. The drinks are prepared from the essence of medicinal and fresh herbs. The family of herbal drinks are a group of powerful herbal combinations that enhances the digestive system while eliminating accumulated toxic waste materials (ama) in the body. A strong digestive fire (agni) will eliminate accumulated ama (bodily wastes and toxins) and facilitates absorption of nutrients to the body. Weak digestion is the basis of many conditions. The herbal drinks offer an excellent option to address these concerns in a fast absorbing liquid form. The liquid form absorbs much faster in the system as compared to capsules or powders, therefore results are seen much quicker. The potency and effectiveness of Indian herbal drinks is unparalleled and is the most recommended family of Ayurvedic remedies among herbalists and traditional Ayurvedic practitioners.