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Vadik Herbs was founded in 1971. As an immigrant from India, my father Kirpal Khanna, rode the waves of a passenger freight liner for 2 ½ months from India to San Francisco in the hopes of making the U.S.A. his successful home. Leaving a successful family business behind in India, this young man lands on the shores of San Francisco with his best friend and $8.50 in his pocket. After several years of study, various odd end jobs to make ends meet, and the drive to keep pushing forward, Kirpal finally set out to start his own business. He started Bazaar of India, which was later to evolve into Vadik Herbs. In the early 90’s, there slowly began a seed of interest in Ayurveda and eastern alternative medicine. Many notable Ayurvedic practitioners, such as Dr. Lad, Michael Tierra, David Frawley, and others wanted to begin their Ayurvedic practices in the U.S. but did not have a source of Ayurvedic herbs nor did they know how to import them. Vadik Herbs became a key supplier in the Ayurvedic community and helped support practitioners by becoming their herbal pharmacy. The company’s main focus on their products since the beginning has been quality, safety, and efficacy. We began with a small, black and white catalog listing 10 products that the doctors required. Now, 35 years later, the company has expanded to a 52 page catalog and provides the most premium, organic, safety-tested Ayurvedic products on the market.

We don’t simply “supply Ayurvedic products”, but we live it, eat it, and breathe it. Ayurveda is all we do and, in our opinion, we confidently do it well. Our passion for premium and safe products has encouraged us to open 2 full time offices in India where the products are prescreened for purity and safety before export can be considered. Our offices are on the cutting edge of herbs, new formulas, and Ayurvedic breakthroughs that allow our customers to be the first ones informed on any new findings. Having our offices in India also allows us to purchase our herbs at the peak harvest season for each particular herb, whereas most U.S. Ayurvedic companies will simply purchase any readily available stock their suppliers happen to have on hand. If the herb is not sourced at its peak, it will lack the potency, efficacy, and freshness required to reap its full benefits.

In our California facility, we also manufacture our hair and massage oils in house. This 72 hour process involves meticulous care and supervision in cooking our luxurious oils to completion using traditional and authentic Ayurvedic methods. You will not find a more natural, potent, and effective hair/massage oil on the market…guaranteed!

At Vadik Herbs, we take each customer as a member of our herbal family and offer remedies and advice to help heal our family members. Feel free to call us anytime with any question and we’ll try our best to impart any Ayurvedic wisdom we can to bring you back into doshic balance.

Wishing you and your family the best of health!



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